Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Thrifty Finds!

Isn't thrifting the BEST?

I love the thrill of finding something amazing! Here are my latest finds....

Aren't these cute? Little individual casseroles for french onion soup or individual pot pies....

These are going in the shop.

Oooh yellow egg cups! Another fab find for the store !

Xmas ornements!

These are GORGEOUS!

Both boxes will go in the shop....

Here's what I kept for myself!

A Melita filter in white ceramic; you just insert a paper filter some coffee, place over a cup and pour boiling water....and presto coffee!

A Pyrex canister in the Spice-o-life pattern and a Xmas tree paper napkin holder (I've been wanting one for AGES!)
These pieces were a dollar each....SWEET!

So folks I'm off to list these great finds in the shop because we all know that Xmas is just around the corner!

And Susie QT...I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some objects with 'shrooms! I believe that you are totally right and these are the next owls!

Sleep tight :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

You found some great items for the shop and yourself! I can't believe Christmas will be here soon! hugs, Linda

Gina said...

Love those super cute bowls! And, the ornaments are so pretty.

I also love those spice-of-life canisters and have managed to collect a few ovver the thrifting years (and probably break a few as well).