Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seen in eastern Ontario

So last weekend I got to enjoy my B-Day gift. I got to go on a roadtrip to Kingston , Ontario. I love that area, the vibe, the thrifting, the seaway, the colors, the food....

Here some of the stuff I saw:

 I nearly bought this, really! But when I grabbed the box, it smelled like old lady and dirty hair! EEEEWWWW!

These 2 casseroles have been at that flea forever (in flea market talk, it's more than a year). Old orchard is not one my fave patterns and I'm proud to say I've resisted bringing it home.

Hello there Jabba! I nearly bought this....let's just say that I know some Star Wars nuts real well...
But I finally left it in Kingston.

I fell in love with this evil eyed kitty but it was not cooperating for the picture!

OoooH! Did I just spy some Pyrex? Too bad I have them all!

Does that pattern ring a bell? It's just the same as Homestead from Pyrex but on a fondue pot.

On the way we stopped at Gananoque for lunch at the Pigiron Barbeque. Man oh man what joy!

They even serve homemade lemonade in a Mason jar. It was the perfect drink to wash down all that BBQ!

Here's yours truly waiting for her chow.

Here's the fabulous pulled pork sandwhich

Let me just say that the brisket with horseradish sauce was even better but I never got to take a pic!

Now I'm rested and full of energy for more thrifting!

Have a great night and yes I found some Pyrex but haven't taken the time to take some pics! 


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Holy crap that pulled pork sandwich is huge!

Old Orchard ain't a fav of mine either. There is a store I frequent in Windsor, Ontario.. they've had a deer figurine for a year & a half.

Zootsuitmama said...

That witch wig box was soooo cool, but I know, the smell makes it hard to take! Looks fun, especially that sandwich! Whoa!

Leah said...

Oh boy, I woulda snatched Jabba up & made the star wars nuts in my life fight over

But, sometimes it's nice just to "see" things & snapping a photo is all you need :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

You know what, I wish I lived with someone that loved the thrill of thrifting. sigh. Last time I went to Cape May we went to a place I wanted to go for ages and even though it was a bomb (over-priced ) the stuff would have been way cool in better condition for much less money.