Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Past....taffy

Well I wante dto share a special picture of me and my BFF Stepanie 32 years ago on the last Halloween I dressed up and passed door to door for some treats...

But of course I can't find my old photo album (sad face).

So instead I will tell you about my fave Halloween candy! I loooove Halloween kisses or taffy depending on where you live.

A bit of background...Back in the 70's only really well off people would give chocolate bars on Halloween. My mother had a definite idea on what to give and that is what represents my idea of Halloween.

She would buy a big bag of peanuts with shells on, a big bag of Halloween kisses, a bag of 101 lollypops, a bag of inidividually wrapped bubble gums (the round ones) and a bag of Rockets. F.Y.I Rockets are called Smarties in the U.S.

She would fill a big stainless steel bowl with the mix and put the leftovers in a plastic bucket.

I still smell that mix of candy.

We don't have kid coming over on Halloween because we're near the water and it's too damn dark!

So I don't really buy candy anymore...Maybe a small bag of mini KitKats or Coffee Crisps but that's it.

But lately I've been craving Halloween kisses (or taffy or klandinkes- no I didn't mispell on that one...)

So I was really surprised to find these last week!

Actually these are a double blast from the past!

On the right you have Belanger kisses and on the left Allens kisses. The Allens kisses were originally made in Ontario until the company decided to modernize a couple of years ago, but fortunately the recipe was bought by Original and are now made in Québec (cool).

The Bélanger kisses were originally made in Québec but now are made by Allens in Ontario (go figure), They kept that recipe.

I prefer the Allens and Dan the Bélanger kisses. But what really matters is that we were able to find these classic candies!

Now my Halloween is complete! Well not really....I won't be a ble to watch my classic Haloween movie Hocus Pocus because our DVD crapped out on us....

Remember when a refrigirator lasted 20 or 30 year? and a VCR at least 10? Well not anymore!

Well at lest I'm watching Sleepy Hollow and I hope I can locate my photo album!

Sleep tight and don't let the neighbors bite! Unless you want to that is!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I hope you can enjoy your candy and a movie! Happy Halloween!

De tout, de rien said...

Isn't that taffy the same thing as tire Ste-Catherine? I think so. (Ste. Catherine was the patron saint of unmarried women and we would celebrate her birthday in school with taffy.)

Anyway, I'm not that crazy about it, that would be the last item I would eat in my bag, lol! It sure is a blast from the past though! I remember in Catholic school, we never celebrated anything much. We certainly didn't dress up for Halloween and if we were good, and only if, the teacher would give us one of those taffies. Woop teedoo!

I have a recipe somewhere for Tire Ste-Catherine. I should pull it out.

Curtains In My Tree said...

I wanted to thank you for telling me about my little pyrex dish with lid i found over the week end.

I thought it was so cute and is just perfect