Monday, October 17, 2011

To die for!

Last friday I had an out of this world culinary experience....I kidd you not!

We had reservations at 6:30pm at one of the best restaurant in Montreal. We went to Joe Beef to celebrate our 21st anniversary.

I've wanted to try that place now for a couple of years but we were a bit unsure; being people that rarely go to expensive restaurants. But in August I read a review from my fave restaurant critic Leslie Chesterman and POW we had to go for sure!

It is located on Notre-Dame street in an old building lovingly restored The decor is modern country. And the food is unbelivable!

The first waiter I encountered worried me because he was so stiff and snob, I tought my evening was going to be ruined by his snotty attitude! But no. We got the best waiter; Patrick: and I swear he made the evening even better.

We ordered oysters from Prince Edward Island and pork belly as appetizers. I had a Joe Beef beer (local) and Dan the usual coffee. The oysters were meaty and sweet and I got an extra plus 3 huge shrimps (probably because of a small mixup in the reservation).

Then for mains we had a GINORMOUS NY strip (18oz) with blue cheese/horseradish and gentleman sauce along with the yummiest creamed spinach.....and BBQ ribs smoked 24hours with a Coca-Cola sauce and homemade parmesan french fries. I nearly cried of joy!

For dessert? I still can't believe we were able to order dessert! We did ask for doggy bags in order to sample their homemade soft serve! So for dessert we had  OMG a Paris-Brest!

 Imagine the same but with ice cream in the middle!

*sobbing with joy!*

The food was so fresh, plentiful and good, it's the way it should be in restaurants! And as local as can be!

This is the only pic I was able to take because either the lighting was bad or I was too busy sighing with joy!

I asked our fab waiter if I could bring the bottle home and he agreed with a laugh; It seems it's quite often!

I want to thank Patrick for a fantastic evening, we loved everything! And we will be back once we fill the coffers again!

And maybe one day Dan will stop screaming Paris-Brest every 2 seconds! LOL

I want to go in the summer to sit in the garden, I went and it's super cool. A lot of the produce comes from it. Otherwise on my next visit I want to sit in the window and be served once again by Patrick the big man from Gasp├ęsie!

Love your cat!


The Chickens' Auntie said...

That sounds wonderful -- happy anniversary! Now (if I ever get to Montreal) I'll know where to go for an outstanding meal. I'll be sure to ask for Patrick!

Emily said...

Sounds delicious, especially that dessert! Happy Anniversary!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh that sounds fabulous! Maybe someday I'll eat there! Mmmmmm!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I had to come back and look at that dessert :)