Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A little bird told me....

That is was high time for a giveaway!

Mind you this is a special giveaway for my present followers****NO NEW FOLLOWERS PLEASE***

Why a giveaway? Well it has been a while and August is my birthday month so let's celebrate!

This scupture is near where I work on Sherbrooke st.
in downtown Montreal.
There's this performance artist (I will try to find her name)
who was on visit in Montreal and she crocheted clothes to enhance pieces of art
I totally love what she did for these guys because it is quite ordinary in real life.

But I digress!

About the giveaway....I took some pics to tempt you but didn't download them.

There will be usueful stuff, cool stuff, funky stuff and Pyrex of course!

Now you need to be a follower and you need to leave a comment before August 22nd.

Easy peasy!

Night night!


Jill said...

I'll be the first one in!!

Missouri Michael said...

Awesome! Count me in!

The White Pear Tree said...

Me three!

Love the knitted statues!

Jenifir said...

I love that you included the statues and their outfits. A few years ago, my friend knitted leg warmers for the Stump Girls (bronze statues) outside the British High Comission here in Ottawa and some officials complained and removed them as some sort of security risk. She and I went to tea with the High Comissioner`s wife and she was delighted to meet my friend, the artist, and had been disappointed by the removal of the leg warmers. Funny how some people seem to miss the point with art. Please count me in with the give-away.

bukaus said...

Totally need to find out her name, that is some kind of street art, I love it!

Peace said...

I can not say no to a chance!! I have yet to see any knitting in the wild. :O(

JoAnn said...

Love the street art!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm always in for a great giveaway! Love the knitted street art! So funny! hugs, Linda

Old Fashioned Gal said...

How cool looking are those statues?! I love Montreal! I wish I could visit again! So clean, so young. Loved it there!
I love giveaways! I love Pyrex! I'm in!
Did you ever receive my reply e-mail Valerie?
Hope you're having a great week! :)

Dixie said...

Awesome, I'm addicted to Pyrex.

Cheapchick said...

Montreal is one place I have yet to travel to in Canada. By the way, I am in the process of opening an ETSY store, in part inspired by you. I was worried that being in Canada would be an issue, but based on your posts and inventory I see it isn't. Thanks for the inspiration!

SixBalloons said...

Count me in ms v!

Mick said...

All hail the Pyrex queen! count me in ;)

svelteSTUFF said...

Count me in!
Do we need to pick it up in person?
(Anything for an excuse to travel to Montreal...)

SusieQT said...

Me too!

Miss Emmi said...

August is my birthday month too! Hoorah! We get people yarnbombing bikes all the time near my work (the abandoned ones that have flat tyres so people just leave them there) and I love how it brightens up the place. There is so much of it around that people think it is council-paid for art!