Saturday, August 18, 2012


What a week! A bit of advice of ALL employers in Canada: Give your employees more than one week of vacation the first year please!!!!!

Even if I go t bed early I'm still tired! I was on vacation on August 29th last year....and my body is  feeling  it. I only got a week because I became permanent in January 2012.

Next year I get 3 weeks paid vacation, yay!

This year will be a staycation  because we need to TCB (take care of business) all outside around the house because we have the big dig in September. Our ciment block foundation is leaking so we hired a company to dig out the foundation ,install 2 membranes, a french drain.....

I need to move some perrenials....

Now for the giveaway....

This little guy need a home....

A lonely shaker...
He is totally adorable!

And this is the piece the resistance that I kept for last!

Yes you saw that right.

A Delphite 502 fridgie complete with a Delphite lid.

There is a small chip on the lid. But a great piece nevertheless!

Is a recap necessary?

Here it goes!

Now remember this giveaway is only opened to my existing followers.
 You have until August 21st 2012 12:00 pm to leave a comment

Have a great day folks
Happy Thrifting!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am now officially swooning! A blue delphite fridgie but even orphan french poodle shaker! It would be the star of my collection. Oh my I am crossing all my fingers and toes!

Three weeks vacation sounds good to me! I think everyone needs downtime. Just one more year my friend!Hugs, Linda

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Oh wow, Vonlipi, a great addition to the giveaway.

That poodle looks like she's sniffing her butt!

SixBalloons said...

Miss V shut the front door! That is too much goodness!!

Jenifir said...

Anyone who loves Pyrex would be nuts not to be a follower. I aready knew that and have followed you for quite a time -remember to count me in!

Dixie said...

Love it.

Miss Emmi said...

Ooooh awesome! Love poodles.