Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yarnstorming and a teaser

I,m so glad you liked the crazy crochet scupture! And this morning I typed artist who crochet and came to Montreal and I got this....

I would've loved to see the Wall street bull covered in pink and purple!
The name of the artist is Agata Olek and is based out of NY city.

Here's a link to her website, go visit her work will blow your mind!

Now for the teaser....

Actually there isn't one because of technical difficulties and I feel bad about it!

I took pictures of some of the items included in my birthday giveaway and I can't seem to download them from my IPhone!


I'll work on it so I can tease you over the weekend.

I want to thank everybody for signing up to the giveaway. It will be soooo much fun!

Gotta go! The crazy girls from Absolutely Fabulous did an Olympic episode!

Check them out on YouTube!


1 comment:

Mick said...

I have seen more and more of this kind of stuff popping up and i think its neat! Fun fact, I have ridden the wall street bronze bull bare back and also rubbed the 3 lucky spots for luck!