Sunday, August 19, 2012

Delusions of Bobby Flay

On Sunday mornings at 10 on Food Network Canada we always try to watch  Bobby Flays BBQ Addiction.

I'm always awed with the ease he cuts an onion that I don't see in other Food Network chefs and heck he can throw anything on the grill and it looks good!

He's the one who inspired Dan in buying the smoker...Bobby Flays makes me believe I can do anything on the grill and once in a while I decide.....

Like this morning to cook breakfast outside!

Eggs and potatoes

Now the bacon is already on a cookie sheet on the grill...



Halfway through I always wonder what cockemanie idea I had because I don't have Bobby's grace and confidence.

But I was delicious nevertheless!

I'm sure you noticed the Butterprint casserole....LOL

I wish you a great week :) 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well I think the breakfast looks yummy. I think Bobby Flay is amazing also. He is a fabulous chef and so much fun to watch on TV. hugs, Linda

Old Fashioned Gal said...

You made me want to eat my least favorite meal of the day! I love eggs...just not in the morning!
Eveything always tastes better cooked in Pyrex!
Have a wonderful week! :)