Monday, February 4, 2013

Not fixed yet...but

Ok so I've spent part of the evening fiddling with the Iphone far no luck

but I just read a post saying to send the pics to ny email and save them from there.

So I downloaded some pictures via my email and I hope I can insert them in this post...My Dad is getting impatient!

So I've been receiving my yearly dose of plant porn....sweet, sweet plant porn that makes my blood shiver.

My favorite so far had the sweetest picture, a true symbol of milder temperatures

                                          A ladybug hanging out on Dill or Queen's Ann Lace.

I have eggplant on the brain eversince I discovered I wasn't allergic!
I can see eggplant parm in the near future....
                                          Ok I get that the picture is upside down but I put it right and when I upload it to the blog it changes...This is arugula which we totally love in salads and even cooked. I will sow some for sure!

Kale that can whitstand some cold and snow? I want some!
I'm also looking at beans, cukes and squash.
But first I need to make an inventory of my seed stash....
Mice ate one box...Note to self never keep seeds in a cardboard box!
LOL! Life lessons

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

I want a new phone! I'm going to get an Android though. Not sure when but before I head to Paris. My friends have started their seeds! Your selection looks great!