Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thrift Shop!

Happy Fat Tuesday friends!

I'm all excited because  just saw where my pal Linda will stay in Paris! Go check it out, this is a SWEET place!

OUI OUI GAY PARIS!  In case you didn't know (It can happen) Gay Paris didn't have any sexual preference connotation, just a happy place!

I also discovered a really fun and funky song courtesy of my co-worker Lindsay. It is called Thrift Shop  by Macklemore

(WARNING some language is not appropriate, but the video is really fun)

Here it is

Hope you like it! It makes me want to thrift and find a big ass coat!

                                            Have a great evening!


Jill said...

Did you see the Thrift Shop challenge that was going around in blogland?? My son showed me the video before Christmas, it's quite the tune!! I saw a "cleaned up" version online just the other day....

grunge-queen said...

Someone sent this to me via FB a few months ago and I listened to it rather obsessively for a while. It's catchy, funny, oh so true, and the rapper in the onesie just kills me. :)

P. said...

I love this. I've listened to it rather obsessively as well for a couple months. "I'm gonna pop some tags..."