Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thrifting and Thifty dining

Hello! I've missed posting for the last few days and haven't done so because of my Iphone issues and more recently camera issues....

Well I'm happy to say that they are all fixed!

I usually only thrift once a week (much to my chagrin) and winter the finds are few and far apart.

Last thrusday I was blessed with these 2 finds....

A lovely carafe with oranges and a lab glass piece disguised as a vase/carafe I'm not sure what. But it is in the book. The decor was added by the Handcraft Novelty co in Brooklyn N.Y. There is a tag inside the bottle neck.

I believe that you can never have too many of these carafes! LOL
Now for the thridty dining. I had secured reservations to the Le Saucier , it is the dining room of a cooking school in Lasalle. People actually fight for those! Last thrusday was breakfast at supper.
 We started with yogurt with citrus and a fresh fruit salad
Both were delicious and very fresh. We were also served fresh cranberry scones and cinnamon corn bread.

And then the kitchen fell in the weeds! See all that Food Network watching is very useful.
And we waited and waited got another round of scones and waited some more.

By the time our breakfast mains arrived we were like 2 zombies spotting some fresh brains!
So of course I forgot to take pictures!

I had a very light smoked salmon omelette with sausages and Dan had crepes with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and bacon. Totally decadent!

Top that with all you can drink coffee...what a meal!

And all that for $5 plus tax is that a deal or what! Talk about thrifty!

Well I'm off to shovel some snow because we had about 8 inches which is a lot less than my friends in Maine who got a whooping 29 inches!


Zootsuitmama said...

Sounds great! I need bargains like that! I understand the camera thing, my friend just gave me another one last night and I can't wait to use it. Cool finds, too!

The White Pear Tree said...

Sounds like a great meal!

It's nice that for once, Montreal wasn't hit so hard with the snow!


Jill said...

I know just what you mean about the carafes!! How many do I really need??

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Still some good finds and that meal sounds good once you finally go it!
Stay warm