Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When we went to Morrisburg, we had lunch in a lovely ; yet really old fashion chinese restaurant.

I ordered some Soo Guy chicken and I was really surprised when I got this....

I'm sorry I can't make the picture bigger..but here in Quebec, chicken Soo Guy doesn't come with gravy, it comes with cherry  sauce ON THE SIDE!

So this was definitely a weird dining experience for me!

This is what chicken Soo Guy looks to me...

Forget about a picture! I couln't find one on the internet and I never bothered taking one!

So hang in there and I will have a pic for you sooner than later!


Cheapchick said...

I have never had it. I am liking all your food posts!

ColibriNB said...

Soo Guy usually comes "dry" around here too, and you can add your own sauce. I've never seen it with gravy!