Friday, March 22, 2013


I don't know how this will look....I'm trying to post from work (lunch hour)

The company decided to be modern and give us access to 'social media'....The first few days I don'y think anybody worked, but now it is back to noemal.

last night I went to a wonderful vintage store on Notre-Dame street W in Montreal called Mixx Authentik.

I was glad to see all these delicious vintage wares and to realise how happy they make me.

If my Etsy store had a brick and mortar place this would be so it!

And to think I actually saved it the right way!

oh well back to the drawing board....that means I will continue my post at home tonight!
Ok back at it my friends! I gotta finish this post before I fall asleep!
Ahhhh! That is better!
 Glassware, shiny and bright
I have a deviled egg plater just like the green one on the right.
I have a 1976 Olympic Coca-Cola metal tray just like the one on the left.
I have the Pyrex of course.
This sideboard was really much nicer than on the picture.
And it's too bad the picture is fuzzy.
the arborite is pink and black.
this is the matching table. Look at those feet!
This was a super nice experience. The woman was super nice, we chatted and she was impressed when I mentionned my living room and dining room are full 60's.
I will be back!
Be well my vintage loving friends!


Cheapchick said...

I have to turn sideways pics before I upload them. Not sure how else to fix it. Have you ever contemplated a stall in an antique market?

The White Pear Tree said...

Oooh, all that pretty turquoise!

I'm so torn between antiques and mid-century modern. I need to have two houses. One just for mid-century modern, hip, pastel things such as these!

Vonlipi said...

Cheapchick: There's not a lot of antique markets here in Montreal...Maybe one day

The White Pear Tree: My parents house was an antique shrine! I still have some and my tastes still might change, but now it's 6's and 50's glorious deliciousness

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Oh wow, nice. I need to stop in when I go to Montreal for my birthday in August!

BTW.. you said you'd tell me some good thrifting & antiquing places in the area since I had said it SUCKED there!

You do have that one antique mall, though, don't you? We were going to go the last time we were there, but never made it since we'd have had to pay for a cab & blah..

Mick said...

I am WILD over that lamp! Va-Va-VOOOOOOM!!! :)