Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We wake up early and bring our breakfast and lunch to work, nearly everyday.

Tonight I'm packing my breakfast and I ask Dan : where is your dish?

The answer I got was...Don't ask me about it! I forgot it at work yesterday and someone stole it!


I'm always besides myself when someone making a confortable living decides to steal a co-worker's old Tupperware...Really??? People what is wrong with you????

Go in a thrift store and get a Tupperware!!!

Here's the brother of the one they stole...

This is mine with granola inside.
I actually remember when I got these...It was in 1990
I didn't care properly for them unil I hosted my own Tupperware parties...and learned about the different kinds of Tupperware.
I agree that the prices are crazy on some lines but I usually get mine at the Boxing day sale or the Mother's Day sale.
Hey there Tupperware thief! I hope you enjoy the dish you stole....
Get my drift???? I know you do!


Mick said...

How Tacky... :/

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Really??? I agree with Mick! TACKY!

Peace said...

Someone stole my hub's entire lunch once...he actually walked in on them eating it in the lunchroom! !!!!!!