Friday, March 8, 2013


Last night at my usual thrift stop,

I saw a really sad Pyrex with melted pink paint; I wanted to share it with you but my phone was i the car with Dan who had forgotten the Ipod...He needs his Solitaire REAL bad.

Besides the sad casserole, I didn't see anything thriftastic

Util I set my eyes on this!

A Wabasso pillow case from the 60's
Just the thing to match the one I found a couple of years ago!
And I also found the flat sheet!
And for once the creepy factor was at a minimum...
Good times were had by all! 


grunge-queen said...

Oh, so pretty, and how cool is it that you found the matching sheet (which never happens) AND that you have the pillowcase mate already? Definitely good thrifting Karma there!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I sometimes forget how awesome those prints were back then! Cool find!
hugs, Linda

ColibriNB said...

This is a great print! Score for you!