Monday, March 4, 2013

Seen in Chinatown

I always get a kick of exploring Chinatown...

Saturday I went to a grocery store that took me directly to China!

                                            Dried salted fish hanging on a wall?
                                             Not for me....

I have no idea what that is...
It looks like crescent rolls in brine.
Chinese sausages, yep I like those...a lot
They are great white rice
The meat counter
This is actually from a Dim Sum restaurant.
I can see Peking Duck and BBQ Pork.
Sounds delicious.
We had a great meal with my Dad and my cousins.
It is a yearly tradition
                                                                Be well!


Jill said...

We always had salt fish hanging in the shed at home, I never liked it!!

Mick said...

Yum! Im with you on the salted fish!