Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Apple picking

Today we went apple picking in Franklin, Qc. A really beautiful little village. The first picture shows one of the oldest apple trees in Canada (120 years old). The sun was shining, the orchard was empty (It is wednesday after all), and the air sweet. We picked MacIntosh, Paula red and Lobo apples (20 pounds total) and I bought local wild flower honey, blue plumes and alcool free bubbly apple cider (delicious). We had lunch before in Huntingdon (delicious too) !!!
Second picture shows the first Pyrex I found on my vacation. Imagine that...The sun is not fully up yet, we are in NY state (I don't really know where), we stop for gas and across the street...what do I see? An elderly couple setting up a lawn sale! Oh joy, O bliss, I run accross the street and I find one of the Twin Server for a dollar! It is pictured here with the blue plums we bought today!
I can't wait to make apple sauce and jelly!


Madge said...

that pattern of pyrex is my favorite! you are so lucky!

Vonlipi said...

Yes I am! :)

Cynthia said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Vonlipi said...

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I always appreciate finding out that some people actually read my blog! :D