Thursday, September 11, 2008

New vacation treasures

Well the picture taking is not going the way I wanted. Life never does anyways....
I wanted to photograph all my new Pyrex and then post, but instead it's going to be a mix (not chronologically acurate!)

Those 2 beauties (The snowflake casserole photographed REAL bad!)
come from Maine (after Brimfield). They were not exactly cheap, but I had been after a dark grey snowflake for quite a while and I fell in love with the other. And they were a vacation gift from Dad! Double the fun!

The other picture, well, picture this....OOB, Me...a rainy day, a sprained ankle (yes mine) and a vintage bowl I found in the cubbard of my motel unit...Presto changeo Brownies! I don't usually bake from mixes (the additives make me freak out) but I was on vacation and that brand of mix was highly recommanded.
I sprained my ankle coming back from the AZ IGA in OOB. I was looking for a kitty cat I had seen on the way in. What pain! I had trouble making it back to the motel. Thank god my SO (significant other) knew what to do about it, I was put to rest with an hourly application of ice...and plenty of pain relievers! But I didn't get to go to the beach as much as I wanted...Bummer...But there is always next time!

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