Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

Yesterday was my significant other's B-Day (Happy Birthday Dan!!!).

I made cupcakes with butter icing, but since the household is on Weight Watchers I only served 4 (2 each) and froze the rest (un-iced). I'm sure the cake with be ok, but I don't know about the icing...

When I really needed my mother's advice on cooking, she was already in the hospital (and not knowing the time of day) so I could not benefit from her experience....I kept some recipes from her books but a lot of then weren't relevant anymore....So please people, get your family's recipes while you can! Now I am the gardian of Granmimi's (my paternal grand mother) little sugar pies (diabetic pies) and Rejeanne's (my mother in law) Fruit squares (another diabetic When I say diabetic dessert it means that the whole thing is sooooooooo sweet; you will get diabetes!!! Or at least a good sugar buzz...

So much of our lives revolves around food...especially at this time of year...Let's get out our family recipes and make them, and celebrate the traditions!!!

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