Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas!!!

Peanut (Pinotte) Wishes everyone a wonderful Xmas!
I was goofing around and I put santa's hat on peanut....Doesn't she look absolutely adorable? And kinda pissed off!
I love cats soooo much. They make every moment more fun! This year we celebrated Xmas on the 24th with Veronic (step daughter) and Joe (her boyfriend ). We had a lot of fun, played Guitar Hero III and stuffed ourselves. I often feel inadequate and leftout in dinner parties but not last nite. Everything was great! The food, the company,
the presents. Wonderful!!!
Today we went to my dad's place to feed the cats ( He's still in Spain toilling away). We watch a xmas movie and vegged out.
After we had supper at the Deer Garden, one of the best chinese restaurant in Montreal (real chinese-not the north american stuff-not that there's anything wrong with it...LOL) Delicious!
The barware tacky pump was a big hit!(see Dec 19th post). I can't wait to go back to the Salvation :)
Have a nice nite....

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jocarbon said...

Peanut est tellement cute avec son chapeau. Mais tu as raison elle a aussi l'air en crisse, ça doit être parce que tu l'a prise en photo.