Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The tree, the tree we got the tree!!!

It has been a dream of mine for quite a while now...To go to a farm and choose my tree ( I don't say a tree farm because where I got it they grow so much more than trees....strawberries, corn, blueberries, pumpkins, asparagus, apples....). I wanted to go local because it is so important to me, because if you don't buy local then the local farmers will sell out and some developper will build condos again...do we need more condos??? I don't think so!!!
So yesterday we drive buy and there's nobody, so I call and leave a message and Elwood Quinn the farm's owner call us back this morning telling us he'll be in today. So we go this afternoon and I am aware that you can pick your tree only on weekends and I ask Elwood how it works and that I wished I could go and choose my tree and next thing I know we are following him (us in the car, him in his van) we stop in a big field and I look at the trees (but I love trees that haven't been pruned-with lots of space between the branches). Elwood says" just hop in the van I will take you to another field where trees haven't been pruned at all". He is quite a character full of stories and tales and I take advantage of it and ask him tons'o'questions, about the U pick and the fields and the asparagus.
Then I see it: the tree I remember from my childhood ! Only smaller coz I have a small living room. The farmer asked us if it was ok to cut it a bit shorter because the tree will 'regrow' in a couple of years...Of course I said yes! I hope to go back next year and see where my tree came from....Back at the barn Elwood offered us some warm cider (just like in the movies...) and told us a couple of tales from his ancestors.
It was such an amazing experience! Thank you God! Thank you Elwood, I hope to see you again and buy some amazing products from your farm!!! La ferme Quinn in Ile perrot 2495 boul. Perrot sudNotre-Dame de l'Île-Perrot, Qué.J7V 8P4
tel (514) 453-1510
Check it out!


Cynthia said...

Oh, what fun! I have never been to a tree farm. We have an artifical one. Have a great day!

Vonlipi said...

Thanks you should try it, it's super fun!