Saturday, December 27, 2008

New energy

Filled with new energy (or is it a sugar buzz???)
We decided to complete a couple of unfinished projects....First to clean and install the gorgoeus oval mirror. This is one of my favorite finds of 2008! One of my neighbor is selling his house and every Sunday night he takes out his trash....And me being a curious girl....I usually put my coat over my PJs and run over to see if there are any treasures....I found a coffee table base that is in the workshop waiting for a top. It will eventually go to Veronic (SD) for her living room-she's furniture
And I found this gorgeous mirror, full of snow and quite dirty, but I saw the potential....It was one of my proudest thrifting moments. It took nearly an hour to clean....all those nooks and crannies!
And we also installed the Old Orchard Beach frame I got more than a year ago at Cottage Decor (in OOB Maine). It fits perfectly with my beachy vision....The bathroom keeps looking better and better....We do move really slow when we fix something.....The bathroom is nearly finished and then on to the kitchen! It needs paint soooooo bad. We had painted the melamine cabinets and it chipped. So now even when I clean everything it looks dirty!!!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! I need to get motivated to get off my behind and get something done around my house! Thanks for visiting my blog.Isn't the caramel corn yummy? I always make it for my boys' Halloween parties and always have to give the recipe to at least one mom from their classes! SO GOOD! Happy New Year!

Vonlipi said...

The caramel corn is so good we finished it last night! I will be making another batch shortly for my dad who spent Xmas working abroad. Thanks for the comment!