Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A month left!

Already November 25th! Wow time sure flies!
I'm so very greatful that I'm still able to bike around to run my errands!
Normaly at this time of year it's much colder and we have snow on the ground....well not yet!
I will miss my long bike rides very,very much. As much as I enjoy walking, the post office and the grocery store are just too far away.
Also since the weather is nice I'm still working around the house...I emptied the gutters Monday, I pretended to be Paul Bunyon and tried to chop a tree down-that didn't go so well! Needless to say I had to be dipped in BenGuay! I promised I would be nice and proper today so after the bike ride I decided it was time to make the plum puddings! I started making them because my Dad loves them and I must admit so do I! Buying them already made is simply too expensive! Between 15 and 25 dollars for one is just too much! First pic: The fruits having soaked in rhum for a couple of weeks are draining...YUM!

Second pic: I'm putting everything togheter and giving it a good stir....The smell is AMAZING!
Oh by the way did you notice my super fab Pyrex Xmas bowl?
Last pic: evryone in the hot tub (as Rachael Ray would say) but this time it's true!
I made 6, 2 or 3 servings size plus 4 single servings. The recipe book says to steam them for 6 hours yeas you read that right....But with experience I can declare that 2 hours is plenty.
They will cool and I will put them some place safe like big tin boxes so if there is a mouse lurking she will not stuff her face with the fruits of my labour...They will be doused in rhum every week until Xmas.
Have a great afternoon kids! See you tomorrow for VTT!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I also make a plum pudding with grated potatoes and carrots and suet and fruit and other yummy stuff. I'm the only one who really likes it, but I make it anyway.

What's in your pudding. It looks so good (and different from mine). Could I get your recipe please?

Vonlipi said...

I just mailed it to you! Enjoy!