Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Retro Tuesday on a Wednesday....I was just plain LAZY!!!

Yesterday I was really, really lazy! I managed to do a couple of chores but had to kick my butt every step of the way!
We had a very full evening on Monday, we went to the vet and found a stray dog on the way back....I just went to sleep very late!
I found these postcards in a thrift shop for 10 cents a piece a couple of months ago....Of course I didn't need those postcards but I found them really funny.
I love the one with the little old lady who's obviously very proud of her house. All these dolls....folowing me with their little beady doll eyes! SCARY! well not really but I'm not a big fan od decorationg with dolls....It's just me.

Aaaaahhhh! the ripening of the cheese!
I would love to see this once in my life. Since these are all Holland postcards the cheese is probably Gouda or Edam (ooooh! better both!)
But the really big question they really dress this way?
With my super vintage detecting power, I'm guessing that they're from the 70's...

Am I right? There is something about the colors....
And look at that big vat of milk.....Future cheese! YUM!
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mub said...

The traditional dress is usually only found in the museums and touristy towns. You don't really see it otherwise, which is kinda sad cause there are some neat dresses and such. I do see people wearing wooden shoes every now and then. My father in law wears his in the garden!

Vonlipi said...

Mub! I had a feeling you would comment on this post. I'm glad you did!

My dad still wears wooden clogs in his garden as well and he's not Dutch. Go figure!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Well, I haven't worn clogs in years..but used to wear them all the time. Loved them so much for a while. They werent wooden shoes in the touristy sense.

As to that house, scary! doll, yeah!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I haven't read all your older posts yet; but I'm satisfied that you're another crazy thrift shop junkie like myself. LOL. So, I'm gonna follow! Check me out too if you'd like.

Vonlipi said...

Welcome to my blog Doris the Great!

Yes I'm a crazy thrift shop junkie!