Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thrifty Xmas finds

Mid-November already! The Xmas race is on!

I found some interesting thingies at my beloved church basement!

As you can see in the first pic: 3 little cocktail napkins-I think they came from the dollar store, an hot water bottle with a seasonal sweater and a doubleglo angel tree topper.

The hot water bottle was sold by Avon in 2004.

Unfortunately my pictures are not always spot on.

So I'm providing a picture of just the angel...Look at that face! I don't know if I should be enchanted or terrified!

That is certainly a conversation starter!

Since I didn't have a hot water bottle, I will be keeping it as well as the napkins (to wrap small gifts) but I will definitely be listing the tree topper in my etsy shop...

Later I will be attending my weekly country line dancing class...I'm not a country music all, but this is so much fun, I'm having the time of my life every sunday afternoon! We won't be learning any new dance today, the entire time will be dedicated to practicing all the dances we learned...we wouldn't want to make fools of ourselves at the dance school Xmas party, now
would we? LOL

I find myself dancing in my kitchen, in parking lots whereever the fancy strikes! I even watch CMT (country music television) when I clean my kitchen....


Leilani said...

At first I was annoyed that Christmas has come early (in terms of big box stores pushing it on us) but I've gotten into the spirit of things now that all the thrift stores/antique malls/estate sales have vintage christmas goodies! I keep my vintage christmas decorations up yearround... how about you? When do you start putting on the holiday items?

Vonlipi said...

Vintage decorations have so much more character!

I don't keep mine up all year round. The exterior lights should be up next week but I can't light them up until the 1st of December (my better half thinks it's in baaaaad taste! lol). On December 1st it's opened season for the decorations! We go get a real tree at a farm so that goes up after Dec 15th. I can't wait to put up the new tree topper I bought (well new to me) it's a star with promises to be tackylicious!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I realize I didnt read blogs all weekend ...I guess I didnt do anything but blow my nose.

These are cute - but the angels a little intense looking...