Friday, November 13, 2009

It's here,it's here!

My Canada post package delivery man rang my doorbell this week...with a big he knew what was in the box!
I knew when I saw the return address! It was the turquoise snowflake casserole that Erin (Toronto Yardsale Snoop) had found at the value village! Yiiiiiipppppeeee!
I used to HATE styrofoam peanuts until I opened my etsy shop....I was real glad so see those!
Look at that cutie! It was one of my turquoise missing pieces....I'm still missing the divided dish, but I don't really like divided dishes (they don't stack up well!)
OMG,OMG,OMG! I'm so lucky!
First thing I knew it was soaking in a sinkfull of soapy dishwater. Next would be a gentle scrub with some Barkeeper's friend. It removes utensil marks beautifully!

Look at that cool card! Is this Old McDonald? LOL
Love the tractor!
Yes Erin you are right, it's my baby!
Thank you for the casserole, I will treasure it always. I hope you will enjoy the pink one I sent over as well.
You certainly made my day (week)
I will keep thrifting till I die!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Beauteous! Oh man....... lovely lovely lovely.... I'm think for you an apron? What do you think? You said flat right? It stores easily. You can even wad it up if you want.

Cynthia said...

What a cool piece. I found a great turquoise bowl. Will have to post it soon.

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Woo-hoo! Canada Post came through in the end. I'm so glad you have it. "Snowflake Pyrex - You complete me." LOL
What exactly does the other missing piece look like? I'll keep a lookout.
P.S. I'm still lovin' Pinky Pyrex.
Have a terrific weekend.
P.S. I'm starting to think we need to send some love to Crazy Suburban Mom. What do you think?

Vonlipi said...

Erin! I'm way ahead of you on this one! Monday I mailed a package to Crazy suburban mom....I can't wait for her to receive it!

Vonlipi said... apron will be delicious! ;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...


Gretchen said...

So glad you found this - yay! I wish you lived closer because I totally would have given you my snowflake 043 and divided dish.

Both of these dishes are living somewhere else right now because I was trying to free my closet of them. I didn't officially give them away, I just brought a dish in them to my sister's/friend's houses and didn't come home with them. I think the 043 at my sister's house will return, but I think my friend fell in love with the divided dish so that my not be coming back to me. lol!

It's funny... I've been more into the yellow/green/orange Pyrex - but for some reason I'm really getting into the pink & turquoises.