Sunday, January 3, 2010

Henry's Chinese Lunch

Before taking a well deserved vacation with Santa Claus and gang; Henry asked for a lunch in Montreal's Chinatown.

What a great idea! I love chinese food! My favorite restaurant was closed until Jan 6th-Big bummer! I could almost taste the shrimp wonton, the shrimp in lobster sauce....sigh

So I asked Henry if he minded going to another one of my fave chinese dives, Mon Shing A.K.A Samourai delicatessen.

While employed I went there every week, the food was good and cheap but had the worst service EVER! Henry's always up for new and different!

Here Henry is enjoying some shrimp with lobster sauce and some beef chow main...YUM!

Henry's thinking: Wow those Singapour noodles sure look good!
Henry had a whirl on the lazy susan, but by then the waiters were no pictures!
We laughed a lot, we ate too much so we were faithful to ourselves-It it's not broken don't fix it!
Henry had a nice nap in the car on the way home...
We watched Deck the Halls later at night and had a lot of fun, then off to bed!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OMG ---- I'm rolling here. He's priceless. I don't know if its the expression, or the posture... or what you say but I'm going to have to start wearing adult diapers if you keep this up

Vonlipi said...

Tracy! Don't pee in your after dinner pants! Henry liked his lunch so much that he's thinking of staying here and vacationning with me! How lucky am I?

Linda said...

I am enjoying Henry's adventures. I love Chinese food but him taking a ride on the turntable...rotfl!

Maureen said...

Please don't put Henry away after the holidays. Keep the adventures going. (People must think you are crazy bringing him out - haha!).

Oh how I crave La Belle Province or Gibby's or Ben's or Benny BBQ (South Shore version of St. Hubert BBQ) or proper pizza..or...well you get the idea. I miss the food from home more than anything else.