Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Day!!!

Just to remind you that today is last day to enter my FAB giveaway!

Just go to last Friday's post to leave a comment or better still subscribe to follow my blog. Henry and I will make the draw over the weekend and I will post the result Monday Feb 1st. Sorry I can't make it sooner I have a busy, busy weekend...

Yesterday, I happened to go to the Salvation Army and lo and behold it was the manager's sale! Everything at 50% off!!! Well this brings out ALL the crazies (including me!) and the rude and obnoxious and people who don't know how to behave...By the way I'm not in the habit of being rude or obnoxious unless I'm pushed or PMSsing...

So I'm barely in the door and I see this really cute table and it's marked 3.99$ with half off it's 2.00$!!!

So I follow my number one thrifting rule: When you see something you like...grab it, you can always change your mind later. So I grab the table and this man comes up to me and says: Is this table yours? and I answer :Well I'm holding it! to which he replies: Doesn't mean that because you're holding it it's yours! And he grabs the table.
Ok by now i'm thinking that this guy is certifiable!

And I hold one to it and give him the evil eye (malocchio) he probably still has a headache from it...So that's the story of the table! A lot of people looked at me with table envy...

So I was meeting Dan for some sneaker shopping, but we didn't find anything.

On the way back we stopped at one of my fave shop 'Le Panier' in Pointe Claire

And what do I spy with my little eye??? A St-Valentine Henry in the flesh!
He's not an elf but a gnome now with wings!
My Henry was thrilled, I met one of his siblings....
Here it's so cold (minus 5 F-minus a million C) and it's windy the garbage cans are all over the place...
Tomorrow we're Crossing the border (not south but west of us) to Ontario for a day of thrifting and fun.
I'm as giddy as a school girl!
Bundle up and be safe!!!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Thrifting people (well, 'cept us) are so weird.

Did you buy henrys brother?

Vonlipi said...

No I didn't. It's January and I figured the purse strings are tighter, I'm going trifting tomorrow and maybe somebody with impeccable taste will get it for me for Valentines!

Maureen said...

Sheesh......some people. I was on the prowl myself today. No luck. I bought...nada.'s cold here too. Coldest day so far this winter.

I hope you get Henry's brother!

Linda said...

Good for you and holding on and giving him the evil eye!!!! I love the little table.

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Go girl. Don't take any S%*@T off crazy people at a thrift store.
Maybe we should cowrite a list "The Thrifting Code"

Rule #1: If you are holding an item, the item belongs to you, unless you place it back on the shelf and vacate the store.
Rule #2: If you are rummaging through a section of a thrift store e.g. the book section, it is rude for someone to reach over your hands and grab what they want, without saying "excuse me."
Rule #3 (this one goes with the one above): No one should take over a section of a thrift store for an unreasonable amount of time, especially when blocking an aisle with a shopping cart or SUV-style stroller.
Rule #4: Don't load up on "maybe" items and then decide whether or not you really need everything in your cart at the checkout.
Rule #5: Don't waste the time of other customers at the cash, by haggling over prices with the cashier. Accept what he/she says, or ask for the manager and let other people make their purchases.

Do you have more? What about Tracy. I'd love to hear your take.

Vonlipi said...

How about politeness? I believe it is really important. Every wednesday at the church basement this little old lady tries to climb my back to see the good stuff and never apologize...And she pushes and shoves!