Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweetening the GIVEAWAY!

First of all I want to welcome all my new followers! 114! WOOHOO! THIS IS SOOOO COOOL!

When I announced the giveaway, I wrote that I would add goodies! Well, here are some of them.

A oack of nice seasonnal paper napkins. If you aske me you can never have too many papaer napkings over the holidays!

A lady bug eco shopping bag. The lady bug hides a re-usable shopping bag. Good for the environment and super cute (double bonus!). Why have ugly things life is way too short!

and a jar of homemade,homegrown blackberry jam. Yes they come from my garden, You can't get more local than that! Lightly tart yet sweet and prepared with care with lotsa love!

I wanted to also share my latest thrifty finds...

Those stockings are probably the kitschiest I've ever seen! It was a 'Start the Car' moment for sure!
I always try to look innocent when I find good,juicy stuff, so the lady at the cash won't overcharge me!
It's the kind of place where they pull out prices out of thin air...

I aldo baked some oatmeal raison cookies yesterday. Since Pyrex never made cookie sheets I had to settle for a regular one and a Pyrex bowl for mixing.

last thing I want to share for today....A tale of Shopper's!
 For my new followers: I worked at Shopper's drug Mart over the summer at the postal counter (known here as the PCOU-postal counter of unjoy). My boss was known as EPM- evil post mistress. It was bad, stressful under paid, customers were awful....You get the picture.
One of my duties was to check expiration dates all over the store.
I went this week to mail the light up santa and pick up some prescriptions. Well I saw a huge display of sugar free candies and get this most of them EXPIRED! LOL MOUAAWAHA (evil laugh).
So good readers don't be shy and check the expiration dates!

Are you still in a turkey induced coma?  
Have a great weekend!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh you are adding such wonderful goodies to the giveaway! Love those stockings, I'm ready to drag out the Christmas!

Mick said...

Congrats on 116 followers! I CANNOT beleive that sunday Marks a year for me blogging and I'll be hosting a Giveaway too! :)