Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Am I Gone Fireking Crazy???

Ok I admit it, I've loved Jadeite for a llllooooonnnnggg time. Something about the color; that tender,fresh green just makes me swoon!

And lately I seem to find a lot of FireKing ripe for the picking.....

 I never keep the beautiful pieces I pick up, I always list them in the shop
Like these azurite luncheon plates.

That super shiny relish plate.

Those adorable berry bowls

Oh so cute custard cups!

I found those chili bowls last week at the Sally Ann. Only .69 cents each. And I decided to keep them to myself ! Their size is more practical than the Pyrex bowls I've been using (I can't believe I just wrote that!) 
and I'll be listing those pretty Pyrex bowls shortly.

And this is the piece de resistance! The FireKing jadeite batter bowl! I've been aching for one for years and was always put off by the price. This year I found this one on vacation, very reasonnably priced and besides Dad bought it for me! It was reasonnable enough that it might be a repro but the color, finish and it had no mold marks; so I chose to believe that it is the real mccoy!

So I have Pyrexia and a touch of Jadeitiis!


P. said...

It is beautiful stuff, and you are a trendsetter, so watch out...I predict an epidemic of Jadeditis!

I bought a cute little Fire King Gay Fad dish at GW last week for 99 cents. It was too good to be true!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

oh wow. You really find the best stuff ever. Honestly I think it's impossible to find anything around here... One of the places I thought I'd find good deals recently had a pretty nice dinnerware set and sitting on top of it was a print out of the prices that it was selling for on ebay. I mean, give me a break.

They printed out the ebay page

Linda @ A La Carte said...

As much as I love Pyrex and I do! I think Fire King is also lovely and desirable. I think we can all just get along really I do! :) I found this awesome Fire King casserole on the longest yard sale and can't sell it, I just can't!

KobysCache said...

OOOhh, I love your jadeite! I have none, and would be happy to have at least one little old mug, or even a cute little orphan saucer - I'll have to keep hunting. I've never come across any in a Thrift store, just Antique stores for crazy prices!

Maureen said...

Good shopping girl!