Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What was hiding in the yard!

Ok so it's mid-november and we've had frost almost every night. When we get some frost it's that time of year again....

Sunchoke time!
So I got my pitch fork and went to work! I dug up a whole basket full. They will make a fine mash.
Much to my surprise I also found that the oregano was untouched by the frost, so of course I picked some.
Beans are said to be the musical fruit, but I firmly believe the sunchoke is the musical one!
Sunchokes are one of the only truly indigenous veggies from Qu├ębec. When the settlers arrived they ate the chokes just as we eat potatoes today. Why did sunchokes fall out of favor? I don't know for sure but I bet the fart factor is a reason.
They are making a comeback today and appear on the menus of some of Montreal's swankier restaurants. They have a really great flavor, nutty and mild.

I also found some kind of asian cabbage unmarked by the cold. So I picked some to use in stirfries or soup. It's delicious!

Gotta go! The garden beckons me once again. I think I saw some arugula!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Sigh. I've not had any luck at all growing anything... I wish I could get some veggies and herbs outside :)

Glad your feeling better.

Maureen said...

Sunchokes? Never heard of them!