Friday, November 5, 2010

Thrifting in the Big City

I so totally needed a break from job hunting yesterday so I took the train and headed out to Montreal. Thrusday is the perfect day to go thrifting because my most favorite (take that syntaxe!) church basement is only opened on thrusday afternoon. I had high hopes becasue this is like my digger's delight, I found a lot of Pyrex in that dusty basement!

OMG! What a disappointment! I couldn't help thinking about Tracy's digger's delight bumer visit! You can read about it HERE . Nothing interesting and everything was way too expensive! I saw a cute glass pitcher decorated with orange slices (not Pyrex) with matching juice glasses it was 16$. WHOA NELLIE! And I heard a guy ask the price of an old toaster oven the volunteer said it was 15$. WHAT??? 15$ for an old (not vintage) and dirty toaster oven?

Boy oh boy that place sure has changed! They watched too much Antique Roadshow! LOL

After the CBD (church basement debacle) I walked to Chinatown for lunch and  Xmas shopping. Now you understand that I can't show you what I bought because Xmas is-a-coming!

Then it was time for the Salvation Army!

I saw a wall of phones! Yes Salvation Army? I'd like to donate 50 touchtone phones!

This is the mother of all trophies! This one is for you Erin (too bad we're not

I also saw this cute carafe but left it there because I didn't need anymore and they don't really sell well in the store either.

So I actually left the Salvation Army empty handed!

Later after I met Dan we went to Friperie Renaissance in Verdun. That place never has anything and it's like a circus with clothing really.

And I saw this little guy...

A cute red 402 all by his lonesome! I took it in my arms and checked the rest of the store for goodies. After 
   was done I put it back on the shelf for somebody else to find and cherish (heck I already have one)

Then I saw something really sweet , something bold and graphic...
This beautiful vintage bed sheet! Which reminded me of a Pyrex pattern... This morning I went to the basement to get my bowl....and this is what they look like together.

Freaky! How cool is that?


mub said...

Now I wonder which came first... the sheet or the bowl? I love it!

Alyssa Bee said...

The sheet and the bowl musta been made for eachother! Too perfect.
I really like the idea of carrying Pyrex around the store with you before deciding if you want tp purchase...nice way to get a quick fix! I think I'm gonna start trying this tactic :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOLOL! I think you're right about antiques roadshow - everyone now thinks they got a 250,000 sword in the attic - or at least some rare pyrex sheeesh.

LOVE that purchase though :)

Mick said...

Between you and I, ( because my entertaining decorating knows no bounds) Id use the sheet as a table cloth every now and then! serve out of the pyrex and get some white dishes! haha

Maureen said...

OOOhhh I love that green!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I saw a Pyrex red bowl that was ruined by a dishwasher...crying here....for $5 way too much. Love your matching sheet and bowl!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Great post. You're the one who deserves the humongo trophy. I hate it when people have the nerve to charge big bucks for old crap nobody would even want for free. You almost feel like saying that. The bowl and sheet thing is freaky and amazing. You should fashion yourself a Pyrex Queen robe out of the fabric.

Go girl!

P. said...

That fabric & bowl are incredible! Made to be together at last, I think.

De tout, de rien said...

OMG! We had the exact same sheets when I was growing up! So seventies! My older brother had the green, my middle brother had gold ones and I had pink ones! They look great with that Pyrex!!!

Thanks for that flash from the past.

Thrifted Treasure said...

LOVE it! They were definitely made for each other! Glad your shoulder is feeling better :-)