Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another find and an update.

Yesterday I did find something AWESOME, well to us at least! It was one dollar. I have been yearning for this for a couple of years....

Yep a rack so I can dry the wash on it. I do have a clothes line but it's not very long and i need the extra space. I tell you it is new! And for only a buck! SWEET!

The last find was another amazing bargain at the same garage sale. We bought 2 curtain rods complete with all the hardware and fleur-de-lys end pieces for a dollar each. FANTABULOUS!

So this is what we're working on this weekend. All the trims had a coat of primer and 2 coats of deliciously pristine white paint, the ceiling is done and the living room floor has been removed. The wall with the windows used to be dark blue (dated!) and we decided to tint the primer so we bought some that was supposed to kinda match the paint we choose. Surprise, surprise! The primer turned pink on the wall. It looks really ugly and reminiscent that we did have a pink living room in the early 90's.

There was a lot of trim that was in knotty pine. We couldn't stand it any more. Back in 1995 when we moved in our style of decor was more country than today. Now it's mish mash country ecclectic vintage I want all my furniture to be made of teck now and put Pyrex in all the bookcases.

It should be mostly over by wednesday night. Why? because we're having a new floor installed in the living room and dinning room. I can't wait!
Tomorrow I should work on the pool, the veggie garden, install the A/C and assist the master painter whenever my presence is needed. Oh I might even go and get a new grill to replace the one I threw out friday. I think I'll get some rest at my job on! 


SixBalloons said...

Looks really good in there, and those are smoking deals on the rods and rack. Have a great long weekend!

Maureen said...

Good deal on the rack! I love my clothesline. Especially when I wash and hang out my bedding. Yummy!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love those clothes racks to dry clothes on....wonderful deal. The room is going to look so great painted and a new floor!

De tout, de rien said...

It's really weird, I see the Rubbermaid tub in your pic, and I have one just like it, but the weird part is I have the same red with yellow dots wrapping paper in it! Great deal on the drying rack. Nothing beats the smell of clothes dried outdoors!