Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's here!

I came home tonight to one of the most beautiful sight. We now have this amazing new floor, it is beautiful. It is so beautiful that I just stood there gawking that before I knew it the sun had gone down and I hadn't taken a picture.
I'm so in awe because of the vinyl flooring technology. It looks JUST LIKE WOOD! YES IT DOES! I couldn't believe it. A lot of care was applied with the wood grain and the color, it is crazzzzyyyyy!

Granted that the bottom moldings are missing. We will buy a more comtemporary shape, and I hope real soon, because we have the bad habit of starting something and then just forgetting about it because roadtrips and thrifting are so much more fun than working on the house!

I must admit that this endeavour certainly has infused some energy in our lives; and as I write this I can hear Dan snoring on the couch. REAL LOUD! The I have working nearly non-stop on this and I'm sooo exhausted that even the American Idol finale or the Moderm Family season finale (hilarious) won't keep me up.

Ok this is it as I'm blogging Ryan Seacrest is about to annouce the winner of American Idol....It is Scotty!

This means that Lauren can go back to being a teenager and loose that (I want hair just like my momma) crazy hair.

I've read that in the fianle of AI most of the votes come from the South. Read the country belt. Which is fine by me, but I wonder why they would vote in such droves on the last night!

So I just realised that: I don't even have a pic of the old floor to show you.....!"/$%?&*(
and that it is nearly past my bedtime! This girl still has to wake up at 5:00 AM get herself ready and a lunch and breakfast too :)  

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I didn't even watch the finale - but I can see why there were tons of votes from the south. Its not that I didnt think he was good, he was great. Its just that well, I don't know. There wasnt anyone I wanted to vote for I guess