Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poffertjes, Carnival and the smallest pizza place EVER!

So today it's a total hodge podge of stuff. but if you put them all together, the common denominator is JOY!

Last year I won a giveaway from Kim . She's a U.S native living in the Netherlands. The beautiful giveaway included poffertjes mix, a special pan, a sqeezy bottle, chocolate and an amazing handmade apron. I swear it's the most amazing apron I've ever seen. It totally covers you, you couldn't get dirty if you tried!

So i've used the apron (A lot) and ate the chocolate (delicious), but I hadn't used the poffertjes mix yet. Poffertjes are little round amazing pancakes; that you serve with butter and powdered sugar.

The reason I hadn't indulged sooner was we were on a diet; a low carb diet. But since the PCOUJ (postal counter of unjoy) and working at the pharmacy, i'm quite aware of expiry dates; I declared last saturday as a poffertjes day!

I was told that the pan could only work on a gas stove.... well I beg to differ! I pre-heated the pan and then sqeezed some of that pancake goodness!

It was sooooo good! Thanks Kim :)

On a different note....

 OOOOH! The carnival came to town! Even just seeing it makes me feel good and young and wild! I didn't get to go because i was sick and the weather was crappy !

Everyday I get to walk by a pizza place and I swear it is the smallest pizza place EVER! That I know of course! There's probably this place in Asia that cranks out 1000 pizza pies in less than 12 minutes from a restaurant that is less than 10 square feet but I digress.....I pass this place twice a day and I think it's at most 50 square feet and the guy makes delicious pizza. Of course you can't sit! It's a take out place only...

The rickety steps are just too much!

I caught this couple unaware talking about the toppings.....

It doesn't go farther than the end of the pic on the right.

The crust is kinda sweet and has sesame seeds on it. The toppings are varied; all dressed,sausage (merguez),veggie, pepperoni and cheese. YUM cheesy goodness!
It's the perfect snack to bring on the train!

Have a great week and happy thrifting!


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I love cheesy pizza.

On the topic of small pizza places, I just wanted to share a pic of a very small one here in Toronto at Yonge & Dundas. They even somehow fit 2 stools in there.

Zootsuitmama said...

You're making me hungry for pancakes! Guess I'll hafta make in the morning!

mub said...

Oh I'm so glad the pan worked on your stove! We have a flat electric stove and it won't work on ours... I totally blanked that the coil variety would probably work.

The pizza place looks like fun... and now I want pizza for breakfast. Hah!

SixBalloons said...

That Jadeite bowl is amazing!