Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Fell in LOVE!

While on our road trip to Ontario, I saw a Bulk Barn store and wanted to go there but Dan didn't see the point! I said : It's full of bulk stuff like the almonds yo like sooo much (that did it! Next thing I knew the flasher was on and we were looking for a parking spot).

Last time I was in a Bulk Barn was in....let me see 1989? Yes that sounds about right and in Moncton NB of all places! I was on vacation and buying colored popcorn (doesn't pop colored, bummer).

We were like kids in Disneyland! We bought Goji  berrries, mulberries, pisctacchioes, oolong tea with orange peel, flaked dried onions, israely couscous and Sugar Twin. Everything is fresh and delicious!

I was already plotting my next trip when I realized that we have one nearby in Vaudreuil! Hellooooo! It just opened and I hope it catches on!

We Quebecers don't particularly like anglo brands (must be a language thing). Ponderosa, Pizza Pizza, Montana's, Red Lobster are just a few franchises that tried to make it and couldn't cut it....They thrive in the rest of Canada.....How strange!
Once in a while we head to Ottawa and go pig out @ Red Lobster (there's a cool Value Village in the same strip mall and a Sally Ann across the street).

Here's some of my finds from that lovely roadtrip.

A nearly new (in great condition) Brita water filtration pitcher with a brand new filter (sealed in bag) and a bagel cutter (Brand new). That set us back 5$ for both; basically the price of a new water filter.
We've been using Brita products for 15 years now and our current pitcher is not user friendly. The handle is hollow and it is pretty easy to fill it with water by accident and drip all over. This is a familiar sight @ Vonlipi's. 
 I found a milk glass mug and a cool plaid bag. I got the bedbugs speech Dan really scared of those suckers! but I feel the bag was not comfortable for those critters.
I haven't been able to take pics, the weather is real crappy (rain all the time!)
And I have another throat infection/flu/sinusitis/pain in the butt sickness that is dragging me down; but I won't give up!
Have a great night! :) 


De tout, de rien said...

I'm glad you had a good trip in spite of your sickness. I'm fighting a cold myself, can't stand being sick, there's no time for that! I like the Bulk Barn too, but I avoid it because I tend to buy too much junk, lol! It's so tempting to walk by all those barrels full of goodies.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Sorry your sick honey :( I hate that for you