Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Beg your Pardon?

Last week I noticed a new pastry/bakery shop on Sherbrooke street: Olivier Potier . I just had to go and sniff around!

I did today and I got quite a surprise! A couple of surprises to be more precise:

1) the place doesn't look like a bakery at all
2) They didn't have a lot of bread (as much I like sweet stuff, I'm a total nut for really good bread)
3) Their baguette is said to have won 2nd place in a french baguette competition

Now what really freaked me out was Le Pain du Peuple (the people's bread). It was a pretty big bread , 12 or 14 inches long. You can tell it's an artisan bread, with good whole grains.

The price 14.95$

Yep you read that right a freaking fifteen dollar bread! A FIFTEEN DOLLAR BREAD!


Okay one last time

All together now


You can get half for 7.95$. At that point I just turned and left. That is definitely one thing that is wrong with the world!

Just what do they do to the bread to make us swallow that price tag? Did the Pope bless it? A greecian virgin goddess knead it?
Was it touch by a Kardashian (ew!) or a Bieber(ew!) ? 

A couple of minutes ago while perusing their web site I came accross what I find is the ultimate no no for a bakery......

They don't even bake the bread on premises! They go pick it up at another bakery up north of Montreal!

That deserves a huge WTF!


Jill said...

One day my husband came home with a bakery loaf of bread that cost $8 and I thought that was bad - no more of that! I would have been walking real fast out of that bakery too! Crazy!

Maureen said...

Hey girlfriend.....Sherbrooke St. says it all!

Peace said...

Holy crap! I'd better get a thousand dollar a night hotel room with that bread! PLus some jelly!

grunge-queen said...

Crazy! Funny post. I dare you to go back and ask why!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

OMG! that is crazy!

De tout, de rien said...

Seriously? It's bread, folks, just bread!!

How pretentious. And if they sell it, it means people buy it at that price. More money than brains!!! And they don't even make it on the premises? I hope they put a big "L" on it for "Losers", haha!

SixBalloons said...

What planet are those guys from?!

JoseeMic said...

For the same size of bread, last week I got at IGA an "érablier bread" (made with Maple) for 3$ and it was so delicious and smelly that I have to buy another one this week. Believe or not we made some "erablier" toast in the morning and in the afternoon it was still smelling maple in the kitchen (SO GOOD). But the best part is, there is just a note of maple - ça fa que ça ne te tombe pas sur le coeur (ok didn't know how to say it in english -sorry).