Friday, April 13, 2012


Friday  April 5th, bright and early, we packed the car, picked up my dad and headed south to Lake Placid!

We had never visited Lake Placid, but my dad had as a child. Before crossing the border we had to eat breakfast and we stopped at Les Coteaux (west of Montreal). Le Petit Casseau du Fort is a classic Québec diner in a new building but still has the same great food. Their hamburger steak plate is fantastic!

     After we headed to Valleyfield whre my dad lived as a child. I was really surprised (him too) to see both his childhood houses still standing. Dad would reminisce and tell us who lived in what house.

We took the long way to the border passing St-Anicet, Cazaville (where everybody seems to be called Caza) and other villages quaint but nameless.

Lake Placid is not that far from Montreal about 2 1/2 hours from my neck of the woods. We stopped for lunch in Saranac Lake, a real pretty village. The best part? There was this HUGE antique store, you know the kind, large,rambling with displays and stuff everywhere.....Even a basement with everything thrown all over with nearly no lighting. I had to use the flashlight app!

Yes I spotted the sad little fridgie :(

A sweet piece of Pyrex

More Pyrex? Well YES, YES, YES!
I nearly cried when I saw those ornements.
Shiny Brites! The stuff of dreams.

My dad remembers them from the 40's.

The only thing we didn't like was that nothing was priced! So I didn't buy anything.
My dad toyed with the idea of buying a samovar but after a good night's sleep decided against it.

Next post: More on this lovely road trip!


SixBalloons said...

Did you ask how much the ornaments were??

Cheapchick said...

I still will never understand why a bricks and mortar shop would not tag items with price tags...great store though.

France Guérin said...

I don't beleive this! First of all, you stopped in Coteau-du-lac( my living town) and not Les Coteaux and 2nd, I stopped too this Friday for breakfast! I noticed the restaurant's new coffee cups too! I was going to ask them if they are selling them also! Coline de bine, you could have had a coffee together!

De tout, de rien said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I went to Lake Placid on a week-end school trip in 1976 I believe. I don't remember much.

Coline de bine, you and France probably bumped into each other, lol!!