Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'll Have a Side of Cream Corn with....

With my FIFTEEN DOLLAR bread!

First I want to thank warmly all of you great gals who commented on yesterday's post! I had great fun reading your views.

For my long time reader Grunge Queen: I'll take the dare and go back next week and ask: Why is the bread soooo expensive and how come they don't bake the bread on the premises and I'll try to take picture before they throw me out; because real french people get real weirded out if you diss what they do (and I've been thrown out by crazy french people before)
By the way if you find realy expensive bread in the UK do share please!

On my way to work I passed La Queue de Cheval Steak House (the Pony Tail) and saw this....

What stikes at first glance is the price and then my eye drifts to the actual side....

24$ for the mushroom trio; if you buy those fresh at the supermarket you spend let's say 6$ and make a couple of plates.....

 All the sides are super expensive when you consider that you already paid at least 50S for a steak and if you want a veggie the cheapest is.... Either a plain baked potato or a pickles for SIX DOLLARS!

Do you want to see what we got for less than a bread and a side of cream corn?

Okay this picture looks totally white trash! The dead leaves, the pack of cats,
the blowmolds in limbo (before they make it to the shed), the above ground pool and the 20$ avocado vintage chair for our 60's living room!

It was quickly adopted by the cats. It will be cleaned and de-crappyfied before entering the home.

So let's do the math! FIFTEEN DOLLARS for a bread, TWELVE DOLLARS for cream corn equals TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS. Substract the price of the chair (20$) and I have SEVEN DOLLARS  left over to buy a box of Kraft Diner and some ground chuck for a lovely un-complicated lunch.

Mind you it's not gourmet.....but it will do nicely for us until we feel the urge to slurge!

Have a great night and watch out for EIGHT DOLLAR broccoli!


De tout, de rien said...

Add some fried bologna and you've got yourself the making of a feast!

Oh sweetie, you're soo my kind of girl, lol!! Uncomplicated.

I hate restaurants where they charge individually for the sides. And charge that much. $12 for creamed corn, goodness! No wonder people are cooking at home more and more.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I can't pay those kinds of prices at all. I just keep thinking what I could buy with that money and how many meals I could have. Just frugal at heart...oh hell I'm cheap!

grunge-queen said...

Tee hee - let us know what the bread folks say. xo

Jim said...

Hi there! This was good to read as we are always searching for a reasonably priced place to eat! Those prices are outrageous!
I too always find that what we prepare at home usually tastes better anyway!

SusieQT said...

Might be kind of dry without the sauce- that'll be another $6...WTF?