Monday, April 30, 2012

Not as GOOD as I wanted it to be

Ever since I first saw a food truck on tv (was it on triple D or Eat Steet?) I wanted to try this super cool way of dining out.
Unfortunately in Montreal, Qc there's this outdated/assholesque/moronic by-law that you can't operate a food cart or a food truck unless you have a bathroom; courtesy of Mayor Jean Drapeau.

(Mayor Jean Drapeau was considered a visionary: He brought Expo 67 and the Olympic games to Montreal, and I musn't forget the Metro. People remember his grand accomplishements but are quick to forget that he expropriated entire neighborhoods and left Montreal in DEEP debt for the Olympics and that stupid stadium and it's flimsy roof; FYI the roof is still not fixed after 30 something years).

So when I heard that we had our own food truck, and a taco truck , OH MY! WHAT A TREAT!

So the truck is Grumman 78. It's been around for a couple of years now. They park the truck over the weekend and serve food out of a bar. Since I don't go out much at night....I haven't tried their tacos.....

until a couple of weeks ago, I saw an article saying that they had a brick and mortar location and not too far from where I worked!!!

So I get on the phone to book my co-worker M. who's always ready to try weird,strange,amazing food.

These pics were taken 2 days before my visit and I was impressed by the line...Just like triple D!

So on D day, M. is fidgetty and super hungry, I get phone what time, I'm famished! Hurry I'm waiting downstairs.
First thing I know is we're at the counter at 11:15 AM and it's still closed and I ask a girl behind the counter what time they open, and she looks annoyed (NOT GOOD! DEFINITELY NOT GOOD FOR MY FOOD TRUCK FANTASY)

So we walk and talk and come back 15 minutes later.

I take a lamb curry taco and a bahn mi taco (like a vietnamese sandwhich).
The lamb curry was sooooo good, it was topped with slivered green apple and raisins but I felt it was too expensive at $7. The banh mi was $4 but the meat felt like mush, like a was eating a taco with baby food inside, and the flavour wasn't quite there.

M. had a lamb curry taco and a chili taco, the later wasn't spot on either.

We both felt that it was expensive for a not that satisfying experience but would be back if the lamb taco was less expensive.

And please people LOOSE the attitude!

I can't wait to eat from a real food truck! I want a triple D moment!
Did you read that Guy?

I too want my triple D moment where it's just as wonderful as on TV!


Cheapchick said...

Perhaps time for a road trip - just for food truck sampling (and thrift shopping of course)

Emily said...

come visit me in portland (oregon that is, haha)'s a bit far from you, but it's the food cart capital of the states!!! no sales tax, either. :)

De tout, de rien said...

We're going to a Niagara winery on the Victoria Day week-end, where they will have 16 food trucks from Ontario and the States. I have seen the food truck shows too and I CANNOT wait to go and experience all this! They will have wine pairings too. Does it get any better?

I'll try and do a post on it.