Monday, April 16, 2012

More Lake Placid Joy!

Just some updates first. I did not aske the price for the Shiny Brites because the box smelled terrible, i.e:  humidity, mice pee,dust) lots of things I'm allergic to and I didn't want to wash the ornements. I did once and removed most of the paint (NOT GOOD).

I didn't forget about the 15$ bread. I'm trying to rile myself up to go there. I' definitely more justice hungry when my hormones are raging. I will go and conquer!

This is where we stayed. The Best Western Adirondack Inn.
Very clean rooms,amazing beds, a mini fridg included.
Breakfast was included and I don't mean plastic wrapped day old muffins. We got cheese omelettes, sausauges one morning and pancakes and bacon the next; plus cereal,oatmeal,fruits,bagels,pastries,yogurt,juice and coffee.

2 downsides: The view; there was NONE.
The WIFI, let's face it there was NONE. We had to go in the dining room to use our gadgets (much to my dad's dismay who was trying to get used to his Ipad).

It is sad that the view didn't translate well. The mountains are stunning!

The food wasn't really great; we ate at 3 restaurants and the best (for me) was the Downtown Diner. I had a great reuben.

We ate somewhere called Generations; that restaurant was supposed to have a real executive chef, but he sure didn't check the quality of the food coming out of his kitchen!
We also went to a chinese/vietnamese/japanese restaurant with a crazy menu. No scratch that the menu was soooooo huge that they had 2!
They even had sushi and that didn't seem right in a village in the middle of the mountains...Just how fresh can the fish be?
The shopping was fantastic! To my surprise a couple of outlets were to be found (IZOD, VanHeusen, Bass, The Gap)
I LOVE BASS! I always find shoes I like; that fit me and are wallet friendly.

This time I found a shirt, a cuteT-Shirt, a pair of red/coral capris and a pair of sandals.
At VanHeusen I found 2 shirts and 2 T-Shirts. I love their sizes!

In Montreal I'm in a no man's land of sizes. XXL is too small and 1X is too large!

Now I actualy bought size XL. Everything fits GREAT and I feel like a million bucks!

   Here I am celebrating the fab shopping by posing in a bobsleigh

Yes Dad I'm tacky get used to it| LOL
Like Dan kept saying: we didn't drive alllll this way to skip this! We will regret it!

I kept some pictures of my favorite store for another time....

Must go! DWTS is starting soon :) 

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