Friday, October 5, 2012

Anniversary Dinner

Last year we decided that the gift to each other was a supper at a real good, real hip restaurant.

It was a great success and we still talk about it.

This year when I read in the Montreal Gazette that Daniel Boulud ; famous french chef with 3 Michelin stars was opening a restaurant in the Ritz Carlton, we just had to try it!

I made a reservation in early June...for late September

I give them a thumbs up because nobody was snooty.
Everybody was glad we were there!

This was the amuse bouche: Arancinis

Little balls of risotto perfumed with dill

Delicious! and unexpected

                                We were in awe of the butter on the stone shingle and the bread OH MAN THAT
                                BREAD WAS GOOOOOODDDDD!
                                   It is made om the premises by the pastry chef.

                               This was burrata with greens, mushrooms and truffle oil. This was like tasting a cheesy cloud as burrata is fresher than fresh mozzarella, it is melty and heavely. The portion was too big but i ate it all!

Now the ever reasonable Dan ate this as an appetizer.....

                               Salmon Duo: Gravlax and a salmon paté---DELICIOUS!

Now I have to go, as I am in Maine, watching Triple D and getting ready for supper....

So come back soon faithful readers for the next installment of Anniversary Dinner !


Linda @ A La Carte said...

This truly looks like an amazing meal!

SixBalloons said...

Oooh can you tell us more a iut the bread? Cheese and rosemary?

De tout, de rien said...

A feast for the senses!! It's nice to treat yourself this way, isn't it?