Friday, October 26, 2012

More Roadtrip Deliciousness

Aaaaahhhh....Friday night!

The end of a long week, a nice quiet evening at home.... I can finally start to catch up with stuff.

Stuff to do, to cook, to clean... Thank god Dan was off and took care of business on the homefront while I was toiling away at the office.

We learned interesting things about the house....We had the workers rip the balcony off...we have some water damage, it seems it can be fixed and we won't get a new kitchen counter top for a while...LOL! I'd rather have a front balcony than a new counter top ! Oh well, when you have an older house these things happens.

Now for more pleasant and entertaining things!

These pictures are from our friday night meal from the Bell Buoy restaurant in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. It is one of the few year round restaurant.
Now on Tripadvisor it is 50-50 for that place and I can imagine they could get flustered and disorganized in the kitchen in the high season....But I've been there around 10 times and everytime the food is delicious.
Lasagna: great, fried whatever: great, spaghetti : great, roast beef: great.
And yes the decor is dated as in 1980's dated but it is mostly clean. I say mostly because it is hard to keep all those knick kancks dust free.
So my word of advice would be: don't go in the high season! Instead go and enjoy good, reasonnably priced food in late september or later!
Now you know I love watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives...and we try to visit places featured when we can.
This time we had to go back to the Maine diner in Wells, Maine. That place is soooo popular that they give you a beeper! We had to wait 45 minutes for lunch...Another place to really visit in the off
We first went in February 2011, in a storm of the century, so no line-ups!
This is a cup of their famous seafood chowder.
It is amazing. You have more seafood than broth: lobster,clams,scallops, shrimps, totally yummy!
Clockwise from the top: The famous lobster pie, coleslaw,mashed potatoes
Now the lobster pie is unlike anything you tasted: you have 4 ingredients: lobster, ritz crackers, tomalley (green stuff from lobster) and butter.
It is to die for. Creamy, rich, luxurious.
Now I wanted to try the cod cake...and what do you know it comes in the Triple D plate!
That was the best salted cod cake we had ever tasted!
It doesn't need the tartar sauce, no siree!
And at the bottom of the pic is their delicious cornmeal muffin served with honey whipped butter.
The only thing we left was the tartar sauce!
We will be back to sample more.
I hope they take reservations!
I might be going thrifting tomorrow!
I hope so :)


SixBalloons said...

Didja know that ritz crackers are different in the US versus Canada!?

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Six, what`s different about them?

They look the same to me from their website, except they are by Nabisco, not Kraft.

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE pictures of yummy looking food. Makes me want to go to these places.

De tout, de rien said...

Home ownership problems, am I right?

Oh that food is so scrumptious looking!! This is one of the joys of travelling, experiencing new tastes.

Hope your thrifting outing is fruitful!

Tina-Marie said...

My favorite is Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine. I think it is exit two on the way into Maine, on the left, next to the trading post (which is also fun). It is open year around; check it out on facebook. I LOVE it; my mom started going there when she was in high school, now she is 73!

Tina-Marie said...

And, I will definitely try the Bell Buoy next time! Looks yummy!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love shrimp and so those photos look scrumptious! I have always wanted to visit a Triple D featured place. How cool! Good luck thrifting. hugs, Linda

Jill said...

Lobster pie - I want to try it!!

SixBalloons said...

They taste diff! Maybe a trans fat thing.