Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We were quite good in Maine....foodwise!

We decided not to spend all our $$$ (hard earned, thank you) on restaurants and grocery shop instead.

But we still went to restaurants....just a bit.

                                We got to Maine by the way of Portsmouth NH. We were famished!
                                I think the restaurant's name is Surf.
                                I had only fish and seafood.

                               Of course you realize the pic distortion came from the screen....
I had the crab cakes
Truly delicious but in my opinion way too small as a luncheon portion.
Dan had a huge fish burrito
and thank god was generous or else I would've starved on the side of the road!
As much as I wanted to stay and write I was gently reminded that I'm past my bedtime and that I have a big day tomorrow (If you ask me all days are big lately)
Night, night! 


SixBalloons said...

Looks deeeelish.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love seafood! I will go out for some wonderful Shrimp while I'm here in Houston!! Hugs, Linda

Mick said...

My mouth is watering! The Crab cakes and fish burrito look devine. Mmmmm Mmmmm good!