Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Anniversary Dinner

Just looking at the pictures from the appetizers makes my mouth water!

Now I go a question about the bread from Six Balloons, we had plain baguette thinly sliced and focaccia with herbes de provence.
That was the best focaccia we'd ever tasted ; it was light and fluffy and melted in our mouths.

As for the mains....

                                That is Duo of beef: Short rib and filet mignon with a zucchini timbale and a polenta
                                 stick. That dish made us giddy with joy! The filet mignon was so tender you could cut                  
                                it with your fork, the zucchini and corn timbale just melted in your mouth and that polenta, nice crust outside and silky inside with herbs.

                                   Next up olive oil poached black cod. The fish was so good and perfectly cooked
                                 It was served with a wonderful veggie mix and a salt cod croquette.

                  I had read that the desserts were a must we managed to make room!

                                That dessert was called Coffee Rocky Road. It had everything; crunchy, hot,frozen,chocolate,foamy and even gold leaf!

                                Okay I agree this looks kind of drab but tasted soooo amazing.
                              The chocolate cake was one of those with the runny center but surprise it was caramel
                              inside and the ice cream (far right) was milk caramel and sea salt.

                                 Oh my!

                               This dinner will be hard to top! We took a walk to help digest everything....

                                This was a wonderful evening. The service was impeccable but not stuffy and nobody batted an eye when I whipped out the camera to take pictures.
                                We will go back for sure. Lunch maybe, I hear the fois gras burger is to die for!

                                 Thank you for 22 wonderful years, sweetie.Those years flew by and I'm looking forward to another 22 years of laughter,happiness,love and joy

                               Now where will we go next year? LOL

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SixBalloons said...

Congrats to you and Dan! Mmmm, herbes de provence + bread, yum.