Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thrifting in Maine and locally

Now even if I visited favorite flea markets while in Maine in early October, the pickings were slim.

Why you may ask? It was not because they didn't offer lovely interesting things, I think my scope has narrowed.

Don't be shocked, I still have a huge and hanging thrifting bucket list!

Here's what I got in Maine for $10 dollars.

Now the saltine tin was definitely on my thifting buckert list.
I've been eyeing them for the past year and I always found them too expensive on Etsy because you have to add the shipping(this coming from an Etsy shop owner,lol )
I also got the Pyrex Flamingo dinnerware bowl for $1, so that means I need to find 3 more to complete my set. I you have some and want to get rid of them drop me a line....
And the classic 501 fridgie. Why the fridgie? Well the price was right at $4.00 and one I have is all chippy and getting dangerous.
So I spent a big $10.00 at the thrift in Maine....
Yesterday we did go to a local flea market, it was their last day of he season... Finnegan's flea market in Hudson, QC.
It is a magical place, and again much better without the heat and the crazy, bossy tourists.
Antiques OPEN!
That blue bird tea set is a hoot!
  You know me and blowmolds!
I nearly came home with this little guy....
I love a big old barn
 This barn is actually open year round on appointment.
It is full of beautifyl restored furniture.
However, being in constant contact with Dan Woodworker extraordinaire, I know
that most of the finishes on the furniture looks bad. The color is too bold, too uni-dimensionnal and the varnish is WAY too shiny!
I found this table near the barn, unattended was very whimsical and I had to snap it
for posterity.
The vintage/antiques factor was lower than the crafter factor and there was a lot of cool things to get for Xmas.
A got a necklace (it's a gift so I'm not telling)
And I got this...
 Funny how its name escaped my mind as soon as I purchased it....
I remember it's supposed to taste of hazelnuts....
It comes from Vanleek Hill, Ont. and it is organic.
Who cares about the name? HAHAHA, not me!
Have a great week!
I need to catch the end of Walking Dead 


Jill said...

The other week I saw the Saltine tin at the Salvation Army, in my excitement of finding a pile of other things, I forgot to go back the second time round, I've been kicking myself ever since.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Big spender!

Never knew those specific tins were sought after.

Did you notice how much that bluebird set was? I collect that stuff! Just curious.

ThrifterSisters said...

I would not have been able to walk away from the bluebird tea set! My BFF just recently started collecting vintage tins and I bought her the Saltine one at a garage sale for a quarter. I see them at just about every sale I go to! Thanks for sharing:-)


Old Fashioned Gal said...

I think I just recently saw a couple of Flamingo bowls at a nearby antique story. Let me go by there again and check it out for ya. I'll get back to you on it! :)
That Saltine tin is on my list!

Old Fashioned Gal said...


Vonlipi said...

Sir: I think the set was $58.00, but not sure I look real fast!

Denise: That would be soooo cool!

Erica: God I'm a little bit jealous! A quarter for the Saltine tin! OMG! That is a good deal :)

SusieQT said...

I have 2 of those Saltine tins- as a matter of fact, I just used one to store an opened bag of confectioner's sugar (keeps it safe from ants!). They are a perfect size for storing things!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the saltine tin as I remember using those growing up! Good deal!

xo Linda