Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stress periods of 2012

Well most of my stress was reno induced. There were screams,sleepless nights,tears and much drama!

All coming from me! I had no idea what was happening and I wanted everything done immediately. If I'd had my way Dan would be constantly on the phone with the contractor!

 That trench was soooo scary I was afraid I would forget, open the door and fall!
This totally got to me! And when Dan got onto the mini ladder it actually sank in the dirt sideways.
We couldn't open the front door and then we couldn't close it, Dan had to use chisels to carve a new hole for the bolt. Lord thank you for Dan, his ingenuity and tools, lotsa tools! 
You can't do that to middle aged people! Of course if someone had put a rare piece of Pyrex on the mini ladder....
We are still enjoying and giving thanks for the new balcony every day.
We now need to choose a color to stain it.
Maybe espresso
Now we don't get water in the basement anymore; they had to install a sump pump (or is it sum pump, probably for sumbergible pump it is hard to understand when people mash french ,english and speed together)
It is the quietest thing around, I've never heard her run, but we see the water pouring out.
Now the dirt around the house is settling and going wonky. I can't wait for Spring so we can get people here to level everything (create a grade AWAY from the house) so we can sow some grass, build a new patio (or 2) and have a BBQ party for the families.
Apart from that the only BIG source of stress was the LOMA course (Life Office Management Association). It is a mandatory course for my insurance job.
I needed to suceed because it will lead to better pay and letters after my name (LOL)
 Ad if I failed I had to pay for the course!


Mick said...

renovation is awful to go through isn't it?! But ONE shining day it will all be worth it! My stress periods thought out the year have been much like your reno rooted, if it wasn't that, it was my best friend Bryson dating a stupid slut and becoming an awful person. So much fighting this year, be it with contractors,parents,friends or otherwise. Vonlip, lets resolve to have a better year next year! Be happier, kinder, maybe say hello to people we haven't talked to in a while. That's what I resolve, Happy New Year My friend! :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

At least you have the new porch! I think working on the house is right up there with torture! Hugs, Linda

grunge-queen said...

Here's to a New Year with no reno-induced stress and good Pyrex finds for you - Happy New Year! xo