Thursday, December 20, 2012

Xmas Lights

Time flew right by me and we are December 20th already???

I did some decorating but not as much as I wanted...

This is one of my interior vignettes...
The house on the left is really a box of tissues.
The Santa left for a new home and I replaced it with my snowman blowmold.
The snow fellas are hanging out with Santa...
The penguins are checking up on Robbie the reindeer.
In the backyard another Santa and his snowman friend are
keeping watch on the shade garden.
Can you tell I love snowmen?
The tree has been up since December 9th and it is still unfinished!
 People at work keep asking me if I'm ready for Xmas?
Who is?
Not me! It doesn't matter because I will be with loved ones and we will have fun whether  the turkey
is dry, the jell-o mold collapses or we run out of chips!
I'm off to bed because Bandito was signing all last night and I didn't sleep a wink!


Jill said...

I saw a penguin blowmold the other day, I think my head swilled around when Imspotted it. You're lucky, you have two!!

I see we have some duplicates though - love those blowmolds!!

grunge-queen said...

Aw, cute collection and I'm having a major flashback to the 70s because we had the same wee plastic santa, sled & reindeer (from your first pic) when we were growing up! Pretty sure we had plastic snowman ornaments too - whatever happened to those? All the best for a happy holidays! xo

Old Fashioned Gal said...

I love those penguin blow molds!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm loving your decorations!! Mine are pretty simple this year as I've been gone as much as I've been home! Still I'm having an amazing Dec. Wishing you much joy this Christmas!

hugs, Linda

saving for travel said...

I love the penguins best!


France Guérin said...

Passing by to wish you a very Joyeux Noël! Enjoy!