Saturday, December 1, 2012

Busy Friday

I took a day off today because I was expecting company....Mike the friendly plumber!

Remember when I wrote that we needed an adapter and we needed to change to pipe in the floor?

Well when I told Mike he just looked at me like I laid a big fat rainbow egg!

Excuse me? Said he; there's no need for anything like that; your new toilet fits perfectly!

Needless to say the Home Depot guys had NO idea what they were talking about!

In by 7:30 out by 8:15 Mike did a splendid job.

 I'm glad they sent him, he was here before when our toilet backed up and the pipe was full of roots and the city ended up digging up our whole street because all the city pipe was full of roots!

                                            Bye bye wobbly friend!

Hello new bright and shiny friend!
See how the tank is smalled and all the dust shows? LOL
We will have to clean and paint over this!
I also spent close to 2 hours outside, fixing garlands and putting up Xmas lights.
It's not finished so no pictures!
And since Xmas is fast approaching, I'm a French Canadian and I love to cook...
I made meat pies!
Jeez! The crust is not really that yellow!
I made 16 small ones like the ones on the right and a big one.
This is the most I've ever done ,CRAZY! 
So I will go to bed, so I can wake up early because I need to make meatball stew and we need to fix the sidding in the back.
Did I mention that I have a family gathering too?
Thank God I'm not hosting!
Sleep tight!

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De tout, de rien said...

You can send the bill to the Homeless

Girl, you've been busy, renovating, making tourtières and all, all while working full time. Wow!

Have fun at your gathering.