Thursday, January 31, 2013

25 on 31 is not that bad!

I'n sure you remember that back at the beginning of the month I undertook the 1:365 picture challenge.

Well I'm happy to say that I posted 25 times in January and that is AMAZING to me!

Here's today's picture taken in December in Massena NY .....

Joy and cheer the McRib is here! And I don't care! Molded processed pork with pretend bones and god knows what in it don't float my boat!

But the sign sure cracked me up!

Do you watch 'The Taste' ? I hope to see my friend Anthony freak out, but he can't totally be himself  because he is on network tv! Oh well.

'night night faithful readers....


Mick said...

25 out of 31! off to a good start!

ColibriNB said...

Way to go !!